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teen boy therapy

As a therapist focused on solutions, my goal is to help your son uncover their true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating.

With children facing increased pressures in their daily lives, anxiety and depression are everywhere, especially among boys. During this phase of life, it’s important for young people to learn healthy coping strategies and tools for managing tough emotions.This helps prevent boys from turning to more dangerous coping behaviors, such as drugs, alcohol, self-harming, or risk-taking behaviors.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) tends to be a shorter-term, structured, and more active intervention, with the boys I have worked with having seen results fairly quickly.Boys and young men who use CBT gain tools and strategies for facing difficult moments or situations, becoming more confident and resilient as a result.

Through solution-focused CBT with me, kids gain greater insight and skills to face the pressures and mental health concerns that burden boys of all ages today. I also use supporting techniques to help boys identify their values and change their relationship to problems — so boys don’t let problems define them. 

The use of playin CBT will depend on your son’s age but even the teens I work with welcome my good-humor and emphasis on making the hard work of therapy less painful. It’s part of my therapeutic process with boys to move between fun talks/activities and encouraging them to challenge possibly unhealthy behaviors and/or unhelpful thinking. This oscillation strategy also allows boys to feel in control of the therapeutic process.

I don’t start off in the deep end of the pool, asking boys intense questions about their feelings, feelings that he may feel ashamed of. I first provide a safe and welcoming environment where your son can feel free to work on identifying and exploring problems. PROBLEMS ARE OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH. This process often leads to a boy talking about the emotions that are driving his behaviors.

I get why many boys hate the idea of therapy and have a deep understanding of what it takes to get most boys invested in therapy. While I can't eliminate all of your son’s problems, I can help him develop skills to be ready for BETTER PROBLEMS. In terms of better problems, consider that your son being uncertain about which friend to hang out with is a better problem than debilitating social anxiety. 

The idea is for your son to develop skills for his entire life that translate across different spheres and stages of growth…so that he’s ready for whatever life throws at him.

I collaborate with you and your son throughout the therapy process and we will work together to prioritize treatment goals.




* Depression

* Fears and specific phobias

* General anxiety and worry

* Social anxiety

* Panic attacks

* Issues related to technology

* School phobia/avoidance

* Separation anxiety

* Test anxiety

* Performance anxiety

* Obsessions and compulsions

* Insomnia or other sleep issues

* Eating issues



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