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I work with boys and their families because I’ve found that I have a unique sensibility that makes the boys that I work with feel more at ease. I balance very serious topics with age-appropriate humor and a straightforward approach consistent with the way most guys communicate.

In outpatient therapy, homes, schools, and community settings, I have worked with guys boys and teens (as well as their families) that are typically regarded as challenging or difficult to engage — including those who act aggressively or are otherwise “all over the place.”

In therapy with me there will be some laughter and play as part of my negotiating a helpful connection with boys and young men, frequently those who don’t want any part of therapy. I’ve worked with many clients that have refused therapy.  

The work I do involves a great deal of encouragement and guidance in helping the boys to discover what matters to them most. I then use that information to solve their most pressing problems and develop greater resiliency. 

And in my family therapy work, I steer away from any blaming and shaming. I value the moments of family therapy where children and their parents are almost meeting for the first time, in their humanity rather than strictly in their ascribed roles.

I have developed a curriculum for and facilitated a Boy’s Empowerment Group that utilized physically active games strategies to assist boys and young men in improving their emotional awareness and communication skills. All the while, those boys fostered meaningful connections that helped them tackle the many developmental challenges and expectations facing them today. 

Beyond therapy, I enjoy writing as well as backpacking and hiking throughout the Bay Area.

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Some of My Training & Expertise:

Much of my work is informed by attachment theory as well as developmental and interpersonal neurobiology (Dan Siegel, M.D.). I am also extensively trained and practiced in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), and ARC (Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency).

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